MAXSCRIPTS ---On this page , you will find scripts or plugin scripts I have written for 3dsMax ...You can download them and put the files in the script folder of Max ---

The two first scripts are usable together , one for making the object and choosing its proportions , the second for texturing it . ---With these scripts you can easily make a library with numerous books of various sizes , shapes and colors ! The third script is for making a house , I use it for making roofs , ( turn house into polyobject , select all polys which are not roof , using select ID , deleting them ...), the fourth script is , believe it or not , for making a cave or a grotto .



1- BOOK SIZE : With this plugin , you can create an object book and change its proportions. Don't forget to add a texture modifier above it .

download Book Size


2- BOOK UTILITY : With this utility script , you also can make a book , the same than with the previous script but it is less convenient to resize it . On the other hand , with this one you have a texture that you can put on the first book .

download Book utility


3- HOUSE : With this pluginscript ( inspired from Swisschalet ) ,you can make a house and resize it . There are texture coords and two different shapes of roof : two sides and four sides .

download House


4- CAVEMAKER : As you can guess, with this pluginscript you can make a cave with lots of stalactites. with a smooth modifier and an appropriate texture and lighting , it can be quite realistic. There is a example of video made using this script elsewhere on this site : XCAVEtheFILM! . There are two versions of this plugin whether you just want to add some stalactites to an already existing landscape , or start to create a cave from scratch... once the script installed , read the help for further presentation of the various tools.

download CaveMaker1

download CaveMaker2

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